If you are an artist and interested in finding out about art licensing, there are plenty of resources out there these days.  If you are just starting out, don’t quit your day job! It can take a while to build a revenue stream through art licensing and it is competitive. Remember you are starting your own business.  Here are some resources to start learning about it:

Art Licensing Websites & Blogs

Moon from my Attic: http://creativeconceptsdesignstudio.blogspot.com
Tara Reed & The Art Licensing Blog: http://artlicensingblog.com/
Maria Brophy:  http://mariabrophy.com/consulting
Jeff Grinspan: grinspan@artmoid.com and Artmoid http://www.artmoid.com/
Kate Harper: http://kateharperblog.blogspot.com/
J’net Smith and All Art Licensing Blog: http://blogjnet.wordpress.com
Joan Beiriger:  http://joanbeiriger.blogspot.com/


Jump, Trust, Repeat  by Jessica Swift
How to Get Started in Art Licensing by Tara Reed
How to Find an Art Licensing Agent by Tara Reed
How to Find, Interact and Work with Manufacturers who License Art by Tara Reed
How to Maximize your Time and Investment in Trade Shows by Tara Reed
How to Understand Art Licensing Contracts By Tara Reed and Maria Brophy
Obsessed, building your brand marketing, agents and studios, licensing, pricing by Khristian  Howell
Showstopper, Step by step plan to execute each step in the planning of your trade show by Khristian  Howell
Confessions of More First Timers, planning, executing and rocking your first trade show by Khristian  Howell

Coaches, Consultants

J’net Smith:  http://www.jnetsmith.com/
Cheryl Phelps:  http://www.cherylphelps.com/workshops.html
Maria Brophy  http://mariabrophy.com/consulting
Tara Reed: http://artlicensinginfo.com/coaching.html
Paul Brent: http://artlicensinginfo.com/coach-PaulBrent.html
Jill Seale: http://artlicensinginfo.com/coach-JillSeale.html
Jeff Grinspan http://www.artmoid.com/benefits.htm
Linda Mariano: http://lm2artmarketing.com/tp40/Default.asp?ID=273626
Kimberly Montgomery http://www.montagelicensing.com/index.php/consulting-services/
Teliha Draheim: http://www.imagewestdesign.com/


Jessica Hische: http://www.jessicahische.is/obsessedwiththeinternet/category/andhelpingyougetpaid

Copyrights and Contracts

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