Carol Van Zandt LLC ‘s art and designs are typically licensed directly to manufacturers. Some products are available online and though I don’t have an online shop here, the links below will take you to other places including an Etsy shop. There are many products I can’t efficiently direct you towards–you may have one of them in your home already!  I find it fun to run across them myself. Always appreciate the art and design on the products you buy – there is an artist and story behind every one of them!


CARD.COM Pre-Paid  Reloadable no-checking-account debit cards


Carol Van Zandt for


My fabric collections are with Andover Fabrics and can be found in quilt stores and online shops internationally.  You can also find them in my Etsy store.

Fabrics by Carol Van Zandt with Andover fabrics




Cases and Skins

DecalGirl has my designs on cases and skins for mobile and computing online HERE, with even more accessed through this link HERE

Carol Van Zandt for DecalGirl



Check my Etsy store for cards through Studio-Seneca Fine Art


Kitchen Textiles

Lilly Loray has an online shop for their gorgeous kitchen textiles, HERE.

Lilly Loray

Lilly Loray